Jill Dahlin Courtyard at the MIM

The JD Courtyard at the MIM is a small, interior courtyard where employees and guests of the museum can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors – all while remaining inside the museum.

Upon our initial visit to the MIM, the site was covered with overgrown aloe plants that were pruned poorly, giving the courtyard an old, unkempt appearance. There was little variation in color or texture with regards to the plant palette. Inviting, it was not.

Coconut Contracting was asked to develop a new planting plan that included much more color, as well as plants that would attract hummingbirds. To accomplish these goals, we planted Salvia Greggii, Salvia Leucantha and Orange Jubilee. We also brought in Bear Grass to add some much-needed texture to the area. We removed many of the aloes, as well as other plants that were either overgrown or simply didn’t fit with the new plan.

We’re happy to report that since the completion of the project, hummingbirds have already built two nests in the courtyard’s Oak trees.